“Everyone is gifted; they just need to unwrap their packages”

In this world of competition, we have forgotten that each and every individual is unique; there is a painter sitting somewhere sketching one’s creativeness, a musician expressing one’s emotions, a dancer whose feet are working for its passion, a writer penning their narratives of agony, an athlete focused on achieving miles, and several other such artists scattered in the ocean of talent yearning for recognition.

Project “Voicing the Unsung”

So, in an effort to empower these youngsters, we intended to launch a project called “Voices of the Unsung,” in which these brilliant people would be given an opportunity to exchange their narrative, a platform to feel appreciated, and a place to provide an example for others who are striving to discover their voice.

Our Plans

  • Live sessions – people can talk and share
  • Post blogs – to spread awareness
  • Community meets – provide opportunities
  • Social media – share your story to inspire people
  • Organize events – to discover your talent

Our Aim

  • To provide a platform to the undiscovered artists to share their tales with people throughout the country
  • To encourage young people to showcase their diversity
  • To establish a network for the youth where they can benefit from others’ experiences and embrace their own
  • To provide opportunities for the youth and their voice
  • To provide a safe space for young people to express themselves

Every individual has a talent. A talent that they aspire to be acknowledged for, but in the race to become doctors and engineers, the pressures of money and duties, and familial expectations, the desire faded into a hobby. Your talent, however, will not go overlooked this time, because we believe in