Open Mics


From being the part of the audience to voicing the talent on the same stage, it is not limited to just music nights or comedy shows all the talents have the stage this is all about the open mics. A fusion of being fearless, open and bold to express your voices.

Mic Drop

The Open Mic Competition

We have always loved organizing events for our viewers while keeping in mind the importance of variation in our day-to-day events. To diversify our event plans, Voices of Young India organized ‘MIC DROP’- The Open Mic Competition. This event included various genres to provide a variety of choices to our participants. These genres included Singing, Poetry, Shayari, Rapping, Beatboxing, Instrumentals, Stand up comedy. The event turned out to be a common platform for musicians, poets, comedians, singers, storytellers and other artists.

Voices Out


With an attempt to provide a voice for younger minds to express themselves in ways they had never experienced before by recognising the problems they are facing as well as the challenges faced during the quarantine.

We organised an event series called ‘VOICES OUT’ to give a proper stage to the youth of this country who are waiting for opportunities to come to them. Through which we attempted to reach out to the young generation, who possesses secret talents and skills. This event series was a huge success and was loved by the audience.